Church of God Elected 

 A Brief History 


Our senior Pastor, Wendell Charles is delighted to welcome you to our newly redesigned web site of Church of God Elected or L’Eglise De Dieu Des Elus.

Pastor Wendell Charles is currently the residing senior Pastor of all the three churches in three different locations, Lake Worth, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Coast. He has over 30 years of ministry experiences and over 24 years of pastoral experience in the main church location, Lake Worth. God has called Pastor Wendell into ministry, since then he has been the trailblazer of winning souls for Jesus Christ by reaching out in the community, in Haiti and the radio (Radio Voix Des Elus. Through his ministry, many souls have come to Jesus Christ, the needs of many have been met, many powerful miracles have been done and a vast of sinners have come to know the Lord and His words.

Pastor Wendell and his wife, Nicaise have been married for over 25 years. Both had anointing experience years ago when Benny Hinn prophesied over their lives and ministry. They have seven daughters, two sons and five grandchildren.

Church Mission

Mission Our Mission is to build and transform the lives of those in our community through the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; to help everyone we meet forge a relationship of abundant love, grace, and power with Jesus; to be a guiding light back to Him for those who lost their way, and a shining lamp to those living in darkness. That is, we strive to show God’s love to all in a practocal manner-every possible opportunity-and stir a curiosity about Jesus by the way that we live, love and support one another.